Get Modern Assessment

Embrace the New: #GetModern

Get the facts for your IT overhaul with a free IT assessment from the experts at Logical Front. A #GetModern Assessment analyzes the current performance of your infrastructure and our experts provide you with a report detailing cost and performance metrics of updating your IT systems.

Network Diagnosis

Is your network latency causing crippling packet loss? Modernizing your network will ensure end users get the experience they deserve.

Storage Data Collection

Are your current storage methods keeping up with ever-increasing requirements for optimum performance? Modernize with All-Flash equipment to ensure space constraints aren't an issue.

Server Data Collection

Nobody wants to maintain a huge room of servers that are under-performing. Modernize for a smaller footprint in both size and running costs. 


Apps not loading or take forever to open? Modernizing your equipment will help create an environment where no matter how resource-consuming the app, it will work seamlessly. 

Cloud Readiness

Cloud is all the rage today, simply because it transforms your tech. Is your organization ready to #GetModern?

Quantifiable Results

We not only inspect your IT systems, but your processes and your people. This allows us to recommend the best solution tailored specifically for your organization. 

Make it Modern

It's time to modernize, let us help you take the first step. Our #GetModern assessment is free and fast: Recommendations are completed in under a week.