Crosby ISD

Server Migration

Date:07 Apr, 2017

Skills:Datacenter Migration, BYOD, Networking, VDI

Crosby ISD

Enabling a 1:1 Initiative by Harnessing the Power of a Datacenter Migration

Installation of a custom networking solution with Dell EMC switches to support Crosby ISD’s datacenter migration

Crosby Independent School District (ISD) relies on stable network performance to deliver education to its 6,000 students. The district’s seven campuses are located in Harris County, Texas and supported by 843 staff members.

In a new 1:1 initiative, Crosby ISD aimed to give each of its middle and high schoolers access to school applications using mobile devices. The initiative, as well as other school operations, required a boost in network performance. The resulting networking solution involved consolidating network operations from seven locations to one data center to increase network manageability.

Logical Front: an Expert in Network Performance

As a Dell premiere partner, Logical Front has extensive experience as a systems integrator. Consequently, Crosby ISD reached out to their previous server migration and virtualization partner, Logical Front, to execute the datacenter migration. The project required long workdays and weekends to finish the project before the new school year. Amy Davis, director of technology, remarks, “We couldn’t have completed this project without Logical Front’s expertise and tireless work.”

Logical Front devised a networking solution with 90 Dell EMC network switches. The network supports 700 wireless access points across all campuses. Joey Hardwick, network manager at Crosby ISD, explains, “The Dell EMC N2048P switch is very easy to deploy and offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio. It’s our default in the datacenter, in every school and at the edge of the campuses.”

Per design, Crosby ISD was able to roll out their one-to-one mobile device initiative. The new network also improved app performance by 50% across the district. “Our new networking solution directly impacts the quality of learning, and helps us provide a better student experience,” says Davis.

$60,000 of Annual Cost Savings

What the district didn’t anticipate was the immense benefits from increased network manageability. “We can now stack up to 24 network switches and manage configurations, firmware updates and troubleshooting centrally, which was not possible before.” Hardwick continues, “With 48 ports of Power-over-Ethernet Plus, we can expand and address performance issues at the same time.”

Consequently, issues that used to take up to four hours now take less than an hour to resolve, requiring no travel time. Additionally, the networking solution reduced downtime by 60% and help-desk calls by 50%. As a result, the increased network manageability adds up to $60,000 saved in support costs annually.  

“Dell EMC provides full assurance with a unique lifetime warranty. The equipment is extremely reliable. I don’t worry about it when I’m not here.”

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