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Preventing a Data Disaster for your Company

In lieu of the recent hacks at Equifax and Deloitte, it’s worth a look to remember exactly what it means to be secure and protected from threats. Simply installing software or a firewall isn’t going to cut it, and in the case of Equifax this sense of indifference can be devastating. Now, more than ever,

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Data Storage Devices: All You Need to Know in 2017

As technology continues to improve, data storage solutions increasingly allow users to store more data in ever more convenient places. As the capacities of data storage devices continue to scale up, and Internet connection speeds grow faster, users have more options than ever when it comes to where they keep their data. Here’s a quick look

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Desktop Virtualization: 5 Key Performance Indicators

What Are The Key Indicators Of Success For A Desktop Virtualization Project?   In many ways, a desktop virtualization project is no different than any other project. Namely, successful projects must have a timely delivery, stay within the estimated budget, and above all, the quality must meet the business requirements. Ensuring that you use the virtualization methods

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Data Management Platforms: 3 Costly Errors

Comprehensive, stress-free data management platforms are essential for effective business operation. Unfortunately, the selection process is not particularly easy. Too often, businesses face situations like this: At first, you think you’re getting a data management platform well-suited to your needs. But, in application you find the entire platform fails you. You are left scrambling to control the

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5 Steps to Firework-Worthy IT Project Success

  Fourth of July celebrations are synonymous with fireworks. Whether you get a brilliant display or an explosion gone wrong, fireworks are extremely entertaining. IT projects, like fireworks, tend to have one of two outcomes: booming success or flaming disaster. However, IT projects that take a turn for the worse have all the mess without

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Better Dad Than Darth Vader? Ask These 10 Dad Jokes

Dad’s don’t ask for much. On Mother’s Day, moms want breakfast in bed, flowers, chocolate, jewelry, a professional massage, and homemade gifts from every kid. Dads, on the other hand, just want confirmation that they aren’t messing things up. Here’s a little Father’s Day pre-game for you as told by the best/worst dad jokes:  

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4 Ways Your Wireless Network is a Security Risk

Companies across the globe are going wireless. However, as wireless networks gain more popularity in the technological world, companies that provide data storage and network security consulting still prefer wired networks. While there are several reasons for the preference, network security is perhaps the most important. This article explains the four main security advantages wired

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Cloud Computing: Public or Private?

Anyone in tech knows there are public clouds and private clouds. What they can’t agree on is which is better. Is there a way to benefit from both? Sure, hybrid clouds offer another solution. However, there isn’t a universal cloud winner. The type of data you’re working with determines the most useful form of computing

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Which IT Superhero are You?

    Even an IT superhero needs a sidekick sometimes. Logical Front can help you keep your turf secure. So, contact us at or call (801) 203-3141 for a free security assessment.

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Memorial Day Security Heroes

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]   Happy Memorial Day!   This weekend we honor all those who gave their lives to defend the United States of America, and other defenseless victims around the world. Amongst the grilling and pool parties, let’s not forget the sacrifices that uphold our freedom. While war still rages, the most threatening forces take a

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