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Data storage solutions are essential systems for accessing your data. Advances in SAN technology make infrastructures more manageable and convenient to use. These technologies includes SSD’s, thin provisioning, and automated tiering among others.

SAN Storage: The Solution to Business Data Storage

All businesses need the ability to access their data quickly and to have safe backups. Although there are several data storage options available, statistics show that many businesses struggle with efficiently handling their data. According to SNIA, 79% of companies mention data storage as a problem aspect of their business. Even more, a 2015 research by Enterprise Strategy Group shows that data storage needs are growing by 40% each year. That means that data management will be almost unsurmountable tomorrow if it’s not dealt with today. Plus, it’s much easier to prepare for data storage issues before the damage occurs.

Importance of Data Storage

Several forces threaten the valuable information collated by your business. For example, viruses can wipe out entire systems in seconds. Just as devastating, natural disasters can destroy your data, or at least slow down accessibility. The point is, you data storage is vulnerable without proper backup systems, and your business can quickly end up in hot water. 

Looking into the future, as your business grows, it will gather more information (videos, databases, files, etc.). With more data comes a greater possibility for the chaos of disorganized data. Your increasing number of employees will also need quick, reliable access to this data both on and off site. Therefore, data management is a key player in the future of your company. 

What is a SAN?

There are several data storage options available, and your choice should depend on your company’s needs. That said, many businesses are choosing a SAN (Storage Area Network) to protect their data.

A SAN is a storage network that connects different storage devices to one another. Ultimately, the storage devices connect to a server or number of servers. This setup allows all the connected devices to easily share information amongst themselves. It also allows you to backup data on any device without affecting the rest of the network.

Why Your Business Needs a SAN

SANs can be complicated to configure, but they provide significant assistance for companies with centralized storage needs. SANs have many benefits over other data storage options like a DAS (Direct Attached Storage), namely it performs better and is more flexible and accessible. More importantly, a SAN is built specifically for centralized storage. A SAN makes it easy to quickly transfer data from one storage device to another without interacting with a server. Your company can also store its data in several remote locations because SANs use IP technology.

These are just a few of the benefits a SAN offers, and why a lot of companies are opting for SANs as their data storage solution.

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