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Ode to my Mother(board)

Mother’s Day gifts are hard. What could possibly repay the woman that raised you?  Literally speaking, you would have to fork over $500-800k to reconcile your financial debt to mom. Now you know why your mom calls you “priceless.” But we all know the money was the smallest sacrifice your mom made. You started as morning

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Take to the Cloud Quadcopter Giveaway

Ten years ago, when someone said the word “cloud,” the only thing that came to mind was the puffy white cotton balls of the sky. Nowadays, the idea of a cloud has gone from cumulus to electronic, and the notion has every CIO and IT director’s attention. With the promise of organizational transformation, the technology-oriented

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IT Easter Eggs and Where to Find Them

Maybe it’s just me, but I usually got the short end of the stick when it came to Easter egg hunts. The only eggs I got to “find” were the ones my mom made no attempt to hide. Consequently, she would act as a human flare gun to simultaneously lure me to the goodies while

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